Spare bits

Unit of universe

There is only one* fundamental object in the universe.

We only have the universe available to us. If we want to describe some aspect of the universe, all we have available to us are other aspects of the universe.

*a given aspect of the universe may be as simple or complex as your fantasies desire. That there is just one fundamental object in the universe is a property of our ability to describe the universe while being within and part of the universe. The fundamental unit of a universe is a universical (or whatever you want to name it).

We observe the universe. We also observe that the universe has parts (Structure). These parts aren’t separate from the universe, but we can see differences between different parts. This is a property of the universe (and our existence) – we can distinguish between bits of the universe.

This property (like all others) exists because we observe it to exist.

For every property that we perceive, that property is a property of the universe.

Except… we only have the universe available to describe a given property. Every property can only be described in terms of other properties.

So… the universe definitely exists. The universe definitely has… well… something. That something can only be described in terms of other somethings.

The universe exists. The universe has properties. Those properties are described in terms of other properties. In particular, a given property is similiar to, and different than other properties.

But, but, but,… those similarities and differences can only be described in terms of other similarities and differences.

This is the quintessential definition of circular definitions. Any part of the universe we try to describe can only be described by other parts of the universe that, in turn, can only be described in terms of other parts of the universe.

There is no escape clause here. This is a fundamental limit on knowledge. We can see that the universe works, but we cannot even speculate about the mechanism that causes the universe to work. It is a “what came before the universe” question. We simply have no access to the cause of the universe. We cannot explain the universe to any extent.

Escape clause

We can, in fact, communicate. We do distinguish bits of the universe from other bits. We consider some pieces of universe more similar to each other than other pieces.

How? Wrong question. That question cannot be answered.

What? This question we can answer. We can observe what the universe does and in turn influence what the universe does through our own actions.

Logic is obsolete. There is a new player on the block that

Not your experiences (Existence is everything)

If you can never experience something then you will never experience that thing.

You can now recognise that statement is a tautology which means that you can verify it with your own direct experience.

In this particular case, the significance is that your experiences are Everything. There is nothing external to your experiences that you can experience. You cannot point at an experience that you have never had.

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