There is only one model consistent with CPT Symmetry

The observation of CPT Symmetry alone is sufficient to fully determine the underlying structure of the universe.

CPT Symmetry is a collection of three partial symmetries that together create a total symmetry. Each partial symmetry has two possible states that it may occupy.

The sets of systems with this property are all equivalent. They all behave in the same way. A description of one is a description of all.

The requirements for this to be true are that:
  • Each partial symmetry is binary in nature – can only occupy one of two possible states.
  • CPT symmetry applies to every particle interaction without exception.
It can be shown that all systems with these constraints are equivalent.

{b, b, b} where b is a binary object (object with two states).

Since all binary objects are equivalent, all sets {b, b, b} are also equivalent, regardless of ordering.

Given that C, P and T each have two possible states, they are binary objects. Given that they are collected in a symmetry set then {C, P, T} = {b, b, b}. Thus, CPT Symmetry alone specifies the model set of the universe.

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The system described here is a set of eight sub-systems. Each sub-system is a specific state for each of C, P and T. Our universe is one of these eight systems. Since Parity inversion and Time inversion lead to non-deterministic systems, only two candidate systems remain.