How do we communicate?

Submitted by Treatid on Tue, 11/07/2017 - 15:22
We don't magically know what someone else is thinking. We use words to convey meaning. But words are just sensory data. for the other person. Everything is sensory data.


When you read a piece of text that is a process. We are always processing sensory data and formulating responses.

Descartes Cogito Ergo Sum (I think therefore I am) doesn't represent some diminished state, but the truth, we exist within sensory data.

(Not sure what non-sensory data looks like)

This defines the nature of the universe.  Things that can be sensed (vs things that cannot be sensed).

It is that-it-can-be-sensed that makes it special. The smallest fraction of our universe exists simply so that we can sense it.

Not sense it's temperature or colour, ... not sense a property of it. Just sense it. We can sense it but are unable to say anything else about it except that we can sense it.